Classic 1933 Rolls-Royce 2025 Limousine Auction Review

Classic 1933 Rolls-Royce 2025 Limousine Auction Review
The Rolls-Royce 20/25 entered production in 1929 and was intended to appeal to a new market for Rolls-Royce.

Classic 1933 Rolls-Royce 2025 Limousine Auction Review

The 20/25, the replacement to the popular but ageing Rolls-Royce 20HP, was intended to be a small ‘town’ car.

It was intended to bring people outside of Rolls-Royce’s existing customer base into Rolls-Royce dealers, those of a slightly lower class than the average Rolls-Royce customer, who drove themselves (‘owner drivers’ as Rolls-Royce called them). However the brands prestige image in the public’s eye didn’t seem to allow a lower-class car and as such the car was still bought mainly by the chauffeur-driven upper classes. Powered by an enlarged version of the 6 cylinder overhead valve engine used in the 20HP, displacement was at 3699cc and the engine used a single carurettor. The car used a four-speed gearbox with the gear changes being done with the drivers right hand, as was the norm at the time. The car featured the classic Rolls-Royce radiator grill with the triangular top and the famous ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ logo. However this grill used a thermostat to automatically rotate the slats in the grill, allowing more air when needed, quite a novelty at the time. Although the car’s large engine allowed a top speed of 75mph, quite impressive at the time, most owners had expensive, after-market limousine coach bodies added, hampering performance. It is for this reason an original build 20/25 would now be considered extremely desirable.