Classic Car Reviews – Rolls-Royce Carmargue

Classic Car Reviews - Rolls-Royce Carmargue
The Rolls Royce Camargue was based on the Silver Shadow platform, however built in London by coach maker Mulliner Park Ward.

Classic Car Reviews - Rolls-Royce Carmargue

It shared an engine and gearbox with the Silver Shadow and Corniche, with a 6750cc V-8 and three speed automatic gearbox.

Where it differs from its sister car is that it was designed by Pininfarina. The car was produced from 1975 to 1986 with 534 being built in total. The final 12 made were for the U.S market, and were fitted with modern luxuries such as phones and cd players.

The Camargue was famed for pioneering a complex dual level climate control system which was used in later Rolls Royce cars. The Camargue was aimed at being the most luxury Rolls Royce, with additional options and personalised interiors being the norm.

The price matched this, as this was the most expensive Rolls Royce in the line-up at the time. A one off Bentley Camargue was commissioned for one customer as well, sharing everything with the Rolls Royce bar the name. It was not always well received though, as it ranked 38th in Richard Porters “Crap Cars” and the 98th ugliest car in a poll by readers of the Daily Telegraph.