RosengartTwo-Seater Sports Tourer Review

RosengartTwo-Seater Sports Tourer Review
Lucien Rosengart was a top engineer and good publicist, making automotive nuts and screws initially and very successfully manufacturing a patent shell fuse during WWI.

RosengartTwo-Seater Sports Tourer Review

Rosengart two seater sports tourer

Subsequently assisting Citroen through a financial crisis, he was rewarded with a seat on their Board. By 1928 Rosengart decided to make his own car, ex-Citroen engineer, Jules Salomon, advising him to make an Austin 7 sized car. Rosengart chose a manufacturing licence from Austin, this model having its own chassis, providing a 7′ 3” wheelbase, their own half-elliptic six-stud rear axle and body – the engine, gearbox and front axle being of Austin design. Herbert Austin had an eye for business worldwide, and took a seat on the Rosengart Board, manufacture taking place in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris.