Review Classic Car – TVR Vixen

Review Classic Car - TVR Vixen
Hand-built in Blackpool from 1967 to 1973, the TVR Vixen was introduced as a replacement to the 1800S.

Review Classic Car - TVR Vixen

Using the same chassis as the outgoing model, the main change was the introduction of the 1599cc Ford Kent engine.

However, in order to use up supplies of the MGB engine used in the 1800S, the first twelve Vixens received the MGB engine. The bonnet was also restyled with a broad flat air intake scoop.

117 of the S1 Vixen were produced before the introduction of the S2 in 1968, with a longer (90 inch) wheelbase and upgraded interior. 438 S2s were produced.

The S3 saw a continued improvement on the car, with a number of changes including alloys wheels as standard and a Ford four-cylinder engine capable of producing 92bhp.

There were no significant changes between the S3 and S4, apart from the use of the TVR M Series chassis with the Vixen body shell. 22 were built in 1972 and one in 1973.


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