1957 Chevrolet Cameo Model 3124 review great to drive

Chevrolet Cameo Model 3124

What to look for about 1957 Chevrolet Cameo Model 3124?

The Chevrolet Cameo Model 3124, dubbed the Cameo, was designed by Charles Jordan and would be the foundation of what would later become known as the SUV. One of the most innovative features of the cameo was a widened cargo box and the lack of pontoon fenders that had previously been standard on all pickups.

The second post-war generation Chevrolet Cameo was introduced on March 25th of 1955, and it made automotive styling history by incorporating car-like lines into the pickup bed exterior. Sales were sluggish mostly due to high prices, which translate into low production figures.

Chevrolet Cameo Model 3124In 1957, Chevrolet produced just 2,572 examples of the Cameo.

This vehicle was given a restoration in late 2002. The following year, it was acquired by its current owner. The car is finished in a blue and cream two-tone paint scheme, a revised double-trapezoid chrome grille, chrome wheel accents and rear fender moldings.