1963 Dodge Polara review performance: awesome excitement

1963 Dodge Polara review performance

In the ‘60s, 1963 Dodge Polara meant awesome, ground pounding machines for virtually every buyer. And today, it translates to a healthy list of unique classics which offer exclusive options and rare equipment combinations.

Dressed in vivid Vermillion Red 2-stage, rocking a date-correct Max Wedge V8 and updated with a tough MoPar 4-speed, it’s the kind of car that can beat up crosstown rivals AND anchor a fine, investment grade collection. If you’re in the market for some exceptionally restored muscle that, in addition to providing years of fond memories, has all the right stuff to continue gaining value, this handsome B-Body is your hot ticket!


1 of 44 1963 Polaras fitted with a Max Wedge/3-speed drivetrain, and 1 of only 4 currently listed in the Chrysler Registry, this stunning coupe has been featured in two Darrell Davis guides and is currently listed with the Chrysler Historical Society. The car met its first owner through Chicago’s North Cicero Dodge in November of 1962. Fast forward to 2010 when a complete rebuild began with its solid, original body being bolted to a rotisserie and meticulously stripped. Once that OEM metal was fully prepped, thorough block-sanding created a smooth, showroom-fresh canvas. Tight and ready for swag, that canvas was bathed in correct Vermillion Red 2-stage. And today, this Dodge rolls as one super slick muscle car that mixes stellar performance with killer aesthetics!

1963 Dodge Polara review performance

For 1963, the Polara wrapped a fresh, Space Age profile around a lengthened wheelbase that gifted the car much improved proportions.

At the front of those proportions, a broad stainless grille centers four clear headlights between small parking lamps, a sculpted bumper and a chrome fratzog emblem. Above that grille, a flat hood flows toward tinted glass that’s cleared with bright stainless wipers, shielded by chrome drip rails and framed in fresh stainless trim. Below that glass, a rounded, “Polara” branded fuselage is detailed with classy door handles, polished rocker guards and raked profile spears. And at the back of the car, a second bumper reflects textured taillights, a second fratzog emblem and an expressive “Dodge” script.


Fully rebuilt by Blaine, Minnesota’s Wheeler Racing Engines, this slick Dodge’s correct, 426 cubic inch Max Wedge V8 is spectacular in virtually every way! As Chrysler’s top option for power hungry gearheads this legendary Ramcharger utilizes an Eagle crank, Eagle rods, JE pistons and a hot Comp cam to twist 11 to 1 compression into 415 horsepower and 480 lb./ft. of strip-ready torque. At the top of the monster motor, correctly decaled air cleaners feed correct Carter carburetors, which are positioned on a correct cross-ram intake. That aluminum manifold hangs an NOS points distributor between stainless fuel lines, MoPar canister filters and eight MoPar Electronic Suppression cables. Those cables snake around traditional, “426 RAMCHARGER” branded valve covers, which reflect radical, 3-inch exhaust manifolds. Under those covers, high-flow heads make excellent use of Comp springs, MoPar lifters and hardened valve seats. Cooling for the big engine is provided by a correct Chrysler radiator, which rides between fully restored ancillaries and fully restored horns. And, like the motor itself, the car’s Vermillion Red engine bay is highly detailed and exceptionally impressive, from its correct master cylinder all the way to its fresh red cap battery. As previously mentioned, only a select few Polaras were equipped with this much fire power. And even today, the Max Wedge continues to be an unstoppable force in the world of drag racing.


When this coupe left Hamtramck it was equipped with a rare, for the Polara, Borg Warner T85 3-speed. However, in the name of drivability, the car’s restorers substituted a 1964-model A833 4-speed. That said; if you absolutely MUST have an authentic driving experience, our sale includes a fully rebuilt, fully detailed T85 that the techs at our own RKM Performance Center can easily install. The A833 4-speed utilizes a McLeod clutch to funnel power to an 8.75-inch axle that’s fitted with 3.91 gears and a Sure Grip posi-traction differential. Naturally, there’s a rebuilt front torsion bar and rear leaf suspension that’s been completely restored to include old school manual steering. At the center of the floors, aluminized exhaust shuttles spent gases in to either correct cutouts or an H-pipe crossover, which hangs in front of throaty turbo mufflers. At the corners of the floors, rebuilt drums hide behind polished centers, body-matched wheels, 195/70R14 steerers and 215/75R14 cheaters. And the car’s over-restored floors have been treated to the same first-class detailing as its engine bay and exterior panels.


1963 Dodge Polara review performance

As specified by its Fender Tag, this MoPar currently rolls with a Polara Grade Alabaster and Black interior.

The broad bench seats are firm and, despite being traditional muscle car vinyl, provide an upscale, tailored appearance. There’s a pristine dash that hangs intricate telemetry beside a factory-spec radio. At the bottom of that dash, fresh carpet balances color-keyed floor mats around a correct Hurst 3-speed shifter. At the sides of that carpet, fresh door panels hang modernist hardware beneath mirrored trim. In front of the driver, a restored steering wheel spins stylish spokes around a cool fratzog centerpiece. And behind the passengers, a fully restored trunk anchors a brand new mat beneath a correct jack and full-size spare tire.

Documented, restored and ready to roll, this incredible Polara is both unique and rare. Wrapping correct Max Wedge power and a slick-shifting MoPar 4-speed in the kind of vivid aesthetics that can shame a classic fire truck, this B-body operates squarely in the crosshairs of fun and collectability.